Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thanks and prayers...

So many things to be thankful for today!

Kirill, the cute little guy on the button on my sidebar, is going home. The Supreme Court in his country ruled today that the Davis family can take him home immediately! This is a tremendous victory for all special needs orphans in his region, country, and perhaps beyond. Most of all, it is a victory for one little boy who deserves the love of a family, and for the family who loves him so very much.

Brady (Judd) is going home too! Sounds like maybe it went (relatively) smoothly for the Hartmanns, and there will be hope now for all the Lost Boys. Hopefully, we'll hear more about it in the days to come.

The Dobrovits family seems to be flying, rather than jumping, through all the hoops to get to their boy! I don't want to make it sound easy, because Lord knows they've been working hard to make this happen. Pray that consideration of baby Henry's medical needs will bring an expedited process. And do consider donating to help them bring their baby home. Look for the button with the adorable baby, to the right!

Thanks be to God, also, that so many were spared in Joplin and the surrounding area. But prayers for all who lost family members and friends, and for the souls of those who lost their lives. And please add a few prayers for those in the area who will most likely face another couple rounds of storms tonight and tomorrow. The search and rescue efforts are still far from over.


  1. Hi there- I just donated to your 5/5/5 little girl. I am the one you met at the step up walk in Springfield (and asked for your blog addy!). I live in the KC area (Olathe). So glad you took the time to set up a table at the walk. Do you have a child with Ds?

    And 7 children? wow, you looked great!

    Again, thank you for helping spread the word. Hoping many people check out RR and find a way to help.

  2. Thanks, Jenny! I really appreciate you donating for Michelle SO MUCH! I feel like I've not been very effective as a warrior for her so far, but I've got to try, you know? I am just waiting for someone to notice her, to see what I see, and want to bring her home.

    I don't have a child with DS...yet...but hope to adopt at some point. My youngest sister is autistic, and my mom works for ARC, so RR really got to me when I stumbled upon it. Thinking I definitely should start trying harder on the blog! You never know who might tune in.

    Thanks for commenting, and it was really nice meeting you and your family!

  3. i am francines warrior! just had to say I love what you are doing for the reeces rainbow angels who also have my own heart captured! i am trying to contact all warriors to let you know about a weekly friday linkup/bloghop i am running at my blog, flight platform living over at textgeorge.blogspot.com Its a linkup to profile all the waiting kiddies and find families for them, every week i will add a gallery of faces for anybody entering...so please stop by and get that beautiful angels face out there for their mummy to find them! you will find details on how to take part on my page, 'forget me not friday' thats at the top of my blog. hope to see you join, thanks so much. jane xxx if you could spread the word to other warriors you know that would be fab as well xxxx