Friday, May 13, 2011


See how precious this little girl is? This is a photo of Brigita taken last year by a sweet lady who had the opportunity to meet her and interact with her. This lady loves Brigita, and would go to get her out of the orphanage in a heartbeat if she could, but cannot do so for the forseeable future. She describes Brigita as "a love" who can't get enough holding and cuddling, and would even - this really gets me - hum a little while resting her head on the lady's shoulder.

According to her RR profile, Brigita is "relatively low-functioning," and the lady who met her agrees with that assessment. But she can walk well, and enjoyed playing on a playground slide (with help). More than that, Brigita knows what love is, and she knows she wants and needs it. Even though she couldn't know at this point what a mama is, somewhere deep down, she knows what she needs, and a mama is the only thing that really fits that description. This is what I was thinking about on Mother's Day.

Here's another sweet girl who is motherless.

This is sweet Michelle. Isn't she a doll? Too bad her photo is so fuzzy.:( I am signed up to be her 5/5/5 Warrior for Reece's Rainbow. So, what do we know about Michelle? Very little, I'm afraid.

Her description says only that she is mostly blind, due to cataracts and optic atrophy, that she has limb weakness due to CP, and that she is doing SO well, able to walk and climb stairs (with help).

This tells us that, probably, someone in her orphanage cared for her. Someone took the time to help her learn and begin to overcome her obstacles. Someone worked with her and encouraged her. She received enough PT to give her a good chance at real mobility. And it might be a fair assumption to say that Michelle must have been motivated to work on these things, too. And she was probably so pleased with what she had achieved.

But little Michelle has ALREADY BEEN TRANSFERRED. That means there will most likely be no more PT, and no more hope for Michelle. In fact, her profile says that institutionalization for little Michelle means she "will most likely remain bedridden for life." Wow. Just because she is mostly blind and has mild CP? Just, wow.

And it gets worse. Most kids are transferred out of the orphanages at age five, or even a bit later. But poor little Michelle won't turn five until September, and she has been in the institution for some time already. Why? Poor little girl. Why???

However, unlike many who have been transferred already, Michelle can still be adopted. Her grant is only $653.50 right now, as we begin the 5/5/5 Campaign to get five-year old orphans out of these places, and into homes. Michelle needs donations to help a family pay her ransom. But even more than that she needs a Mama to recognize something in that little face, or in her story, and come forward for her. She needs to get out of that bed and into a family. Please consider helping sweet Michelle.

And as always, please consider helping Brigita and the other older girls. There are many waiting, as we shall see. Stay tuned.


  1. i've never seen that photo of Brigita. Gooodness you caught me off guard and have me drowning in tears! I love her!!!

    St Rita better be listening!!

  2. Steph,
    Isn't that photo so sweet? It has been my phone screensaver often. Still praying! ;)

  3. Happy Feast of St. Rita!! I prayed for you and sweet little B in front of my statue of St. Rita this morning....please pray for us as we submit our home study to USCIS, for a quick permission to travel!!


  4. Carla,
    Thank you SO much! You and baby Henry are always in my prayers. :)

  5. Thanks for being Michelle's warrior! I hope her Mama finds her soon! Little Genesis just appeared on the my family found me page -- she is blind and has already been transferred as well. Hope Michelle's turn to join that wonderful page comes soon!

  6. Hi Robin, I read that you have three other pictures of Michelle. I would be very interested in putting them on my blog and Facebook page. My blog is

  7. Hi Robin
    I am excited to see that sweet Michelle has a warrior. She is the one who led me to Victoria. Both girls are in my thoughts, prayers, and heart. While praying for both girls God spoke to my heart and shared with me that Victoria is my child in some way :) Unfortunately, my husband's heart isn't yet open to hear His word. So I will continue to pray and search for a family for Victoria. I will of course continue to pray for Michelle and all of the other children as well :)

  8. Kerri,
    Thank you so much! I just love hearing that someone else loves Michelle! Keep praying for her. Her grant keeps going up, and more blind children are being noticed lately. I've been praying for sweet Vika, too. :) My husband is not quite there yet either, but I'm still hoping! I will pray for your adoption intentions. :)